I (heart) SKIING!!

I "LOVE" skiing, that is. Lest I become the unofficial W(h)ine Czar due to my political obstinance with the current government administration in most of my blogs, I want to share with you what a GRRRR8 winter it has been for skiing this year. I have experienced the best snow conditions I’ve seen in quite a long time. It helped that it snowed like crazy in the mountains, stayed dry most of the winter in Denver, and the highways remained more than passable between the two. You can’t enjoy good skiing if you can’t get there!

Admittedly, as a 38-year-experienced, advanced-but-not-expert skier, I no longer seek the steep and deep like I used to. As a retiree I also immensely enjoy the weekDAY drive to and from the mountains, and the smaller weekday crowds. For the last 3 seasons I’ve had a Copper Mountain-Winter Park combined ski pass and I skied Breckenridge-Keystone for 10+ years preceding that.

The snow was just superb this year and there was plenty of it. I did ski some of the coldest days I’ve skied in many years (good for the snow conditions though). It was also extreeeemly windy on some days (goes with the territory). But every time I thought the skiing couldn’t get any better, the next day up would be even BETTER!

To top it all off I skied very good conditions yet again yesterday on the deepest ski area snowpack of the entire season. I thought it would have been over by now but the Spring snowstorms and cold temps have extended January-style skiing right up to near the end. After skiing for so many years I sometimes wonder when I’ll get bored with it all. NOT YET!

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