Blogs, opinions, topics, Oh My!

If you’ve recently been invited to view my blog, or accidently stumbled across it, let me opine a bit about what blogging is to me.  It is communication (that which separates us from being sheep and wolves or purely instinctive beings (which humans aren’t very good at anyway)). 

A lot of my communication is opinion, something I have that is free and plentiful.  When I can, I will back it up with fact, and I welcome others to guide me to facts when they can.  I get a lot of well-intentioned emails of the patriotic or political variety that often prove to be very old and/or factually misleading.  I find that Wikipedia and, while not infallible, will frequently set the record straight.  I think we need to prove ourselves with calm, cool, and collected facts rather than the raw, unsubstantiated emotion that is often thrown at us.

Is blogging going to be that serious?  I hope not!  I do find myself opining about politics and economics more than I ever expected, as they effect me and the rest of the world in bigger ways these days than I ever expected.  IMO communication has never been more important.  My blog topics so far have been as “light” as snow skiing and as “heavy” as water boarding and the death penalty.

Bear with me if you like.  I welcome you to read and encourage you to comment and converse if you so choose.  Gosh, you could even start your own blog! 

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