Colorado H.B. 1299 -Electoral College Reform (NO!)

Well, ask your state representative to say no, as this isn’t currently scheduled to be voted on by the citizenry.
Senate contact list.
State Senate districts.
Douglas County senator is Ted Harvey, .

IMO the bill is yet another ill-informed and extremely unwise alteration of our constitutional rights and protections.

“The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and the District of Columbia).”

I don’t WANT to be governed by 51% of any gang of thugs that can be assembled (or more politely, by whatever the majority FEELS like doing).

“…this meant that some men (the majority or any gang that claims to be its spokesman) are ethically entitled to pursue any whims (or any atrocities) they desire to pursue, while other men are ethically obliged to spend their lives in the service of that gang’s desires.” (A. Rand, The Objectivist Ethics.)

Actual text of the bill.

Good articles:

Amy Oliver Blog (EXCELLENT academics’ articles linked in this page’s margin.)

InDenverTimes (At the end of this article there is a VERY lengthy explanation FOR electoral reform from commenter “Susan”.)

Explanation of National Popular Vote Bill The national website FOR electoral reform.

Editorials and commentaries:

Electoral Nonsense Grand Junction Sentinel

Electoral College: The system works

Gen. Info:

What is the Electoral College?

Constitutional Topic: The Electoral College

The Pursuit of Happiness ~ Democracy or Republic?

The Electoral College: Enlightened Democracy

2 thoughts on “Colorado H.B. 1299 -Electoral College Reform (NO!)

  1. The 1 May reply from my email to Ted Harvey: "Good news: Senator Romer’s Popular Vote bill, HB 1299, was killed in the Senate last night. I have no doubt that this bill was defeated as a result of the public outcry about this assault on our Constitution and our voice in Presidential elections. Thank you for making your voice heard in this important debate. Sometimes public opinion can sway a few crucial votes and make the difference in killing or passing a bill, and the hundreds of e-mails opposing HB 1299 certainly made a difference. Thanks again, Ted Harvey State Senator, Douglas County"


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