Water boarding follow-up

Clifford May offers a reasoned argument for the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” in this tongue-in-cheek fantasy interview he “wishes” he’d had with comedian John Stewart.  (Google:  Clifford May Torture TV if the link doesn’t work.)  May did appear on Stewart’s The Daily Show 04/28/2009 to discuss the issue but as usual it was one-sided in Stewart’s favor.  (This is the show in which Stewart called Harry Truman a war criminal for bombing Hiroshima.)

I bring this up because May was a guest on Conservative Mike Rosen’s Denver radio talk show this morning (05/05/2009).  You can listen to Mike’s interview of May without commercial interruption HERE.

My stand is still that the ‘tortures’ usually mentioned (isolation, sleep deprivation, humiliation, and water boarding), are debatably “harsh tactics” and do not require a clearing of the air at the expense of our security and self-defense.

This, along with my following previous posts on the subject, will be enough out of me on this subject for awhile.  (Distant cheers.)

Speaking of Waterboarding
II. Speaking of Waterboarding

Speaking of Waterboarding

Speaking of Waterboarding

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