Glass-free biking!!

What a novel idea! I went on my first bike ride of the season this morning (avid bicycler that I am (NOT)) and was pleasantly surprised to find the sidewalks and pedestrian paths I traversed in my (central) area of H.R. to be glass free. Judging from the dust trails they may have been recently swept by whichever dedicated maintenance org has that particular responsibility. (Metro, HRCA, DougCo?)

Usually when I bike I am ALWAYS dodging broken glass at many points of my ride. I have been tempted sometimes to carry a dust pan, whisk broom, and sack to clean up, but I wouldn’t get much riding done. I’ve thought it would make a good senior, volunteer job (albeit a very thankless one) to ride the trails and cleanup. I certainly don’t expect the maint. orgs to go to the expense and manpower of roaming the trails looking for glass, most especially in these economic times.

Of course it would be NICE if people stopped breaking glass on the sidewalks. As I frequently see beer bottle glass I wonder if this is the result of joy riding ‘utes merrily discarding empties as they motor around. Nothing would surprise me as I actually saw an ADULT driving a shiny new pickup down the 2-lane residential street behind my house throw a BANANA peel out about ten days ago! Oh, I guess that was ok, it’s biodegradable. I couldn’t believe my eyes anyway. I’ve also seen a young teen girl, jr. high or high school age, drop an empty beer bottle out of her pack on that same residential street. No doubt chugging on the way home from school, and a future candidate for AA. But I digress.

I should just go on another bike ride soon, while the trails are still clean. That would work.

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