Am I DONE yet?

Blogging, that is. Don’t YOU wish! I am getting caught up.

I have a brief blog drafted on military service. I’d also like to explore, for my own edification, the topic of majority rule (that’s freedom isn’t it, except we don’t want to crush the individual (freedom for little old me) in the process, do we?) and sacrifice (I’m very much into "rational" self-interest these days, and as noted elsewhere, helping others (such as your boss in your job) is really just helping yourself and your own self-interest). Is freedom about individual CHOICE or does the "greater good" take priority over choice? Woof. Hope I can keep both those under thesis length.

Then there is the daily news. It’s wearisome, often, but we are so UNrepresented on either "side" these days I think it behooves us (behoofs?) to be informed. I am hearing of and reading ever more informed and intelligent commentary from the likes of (the Brits are not idiots, despite being British),, and, to name but a few.

Oh well, I’ve never had so much fun talking, talking, and talking. Blog on.


About JohnRH

Retired, avid winter skier, avid reader, traveler (avidly). :)
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