No… more… Palin, puh-LEEZE

2 1/2 years into her first 4 year term as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is resigning.  That is her choice, whatever the real underlying reasons.  (Devotion to family?  Too many ethics complaints?)  I hope she does Conservatives AND Republicans a favor by STAYING OUT of national politics. 

She was a risky choice by McCain for vice-presidential nominee last year, one which sparked his campaign somewhat.  I think she eventually proved to be woefully out of her league and in over her head.  She continues to prove that as in her resignation remarks, the most substance of which she could muster was “only dead fish go with the flow”, an analogy about basketball point guards, and a military misattribute about advancing in another direction.

Let this one go, Republicans.  It is definitely time to advance in another direction.


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Retired, avid winter skier, avid reader, traveler (avidly). :)
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