Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize?


The jokes of life and fate just never stop. Nominated just 2 weeks after taking office. What a travesty. I guess the Nobel committee Hoped there would be Change.

Of course now the great peacemaker has every reason to protect his Peace reputation and not authorize more troops for Afghanistan. That is yet another travesty as our fellow Americans are getting slaughtered over there.

Obama has been considering working with or negotiating with the Taliban. Now he has the perfect excuse to do so. "They are not a threat to America" they have said. These are the people that blowup centuries old Buddhist mountainside statues, force women to wear head-to-toe coverings (burkas), force men to wear beards, and shoot women in the head in the Kabul soccer stadium for violations, to name just a few of their indiscretions. Let me guess what Obama will say next. "We shouldn’t interfere in their affairs." These aren’t affairs, they are violations against basic humanity.

The daily global disconnect between thought and reality keeps marching on.

A few more points:

1. Obama getting the Nobel Prize does NOT make America look better globally. It is an embarassment to receive something that is not earned and the global community will not respect the U.S. more as a result.

2. Awarding a prize that has not been earned greatly diminishes the stature and respect of the Nobel Committee itself. The award becomes more of a political statement on the part of the Committee and less of a coveted prize for superior merit. Alfred Nobel must be rolling in his grave, crying out from the void, "Somebody get me some TNT!".

3. The award may dangerously influence U.S. foreign policy in a manner not in the best U.S. interest. Obama has already been an overt apologist for every perceptible injustice (from his point of view) that the U.S. has committed at home and abroad. Attempts to acquiesce to Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, to name a few, and distance ourselves from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel, can create an ultimately dangerous unbalance of power in the world.


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