HR Vet Monument reaches goal

Congratulations to the Metro District and its hard working employees.

As reported in this week’s Highlands Ranch Herald, the Highlands Ranch Veterans Monument reached its funding goal. Contributions from remaining tile spaces will go towards maintenance.

As you may or may not know, this is a Monument to any veteran who served (not limited to H.R. residents) and is not limited to those who died in service. There is a special memorial stone to SSGT Christopher Falkel and SGT John Stiles. Presumably other H.R. residents who died in service can be added.

My lady, for example, purchased a tile for her still-living father who served in WWII and egocentric I purchased a tile for my Vietnam service. (It may be the only place my name is set in stone, as I someday intend to be ashes blowin’ in the wind, but I digress.)

There is a website devoted to the monument at the Metro District main website is I attended the July 1 dedication ceremony and posted pictures here: JohnRH/WindowsLive.

The monument is adjacent to the H.R. Library and Town Center Park. Have a look if you haven’t already.

My personal thanks to Marsha Sliter at Metro District for her tireless work and supreme efficiency in handling tile purchases and distributions for me. Good job Metro!!


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