NO to Public Health Care Option

I am opposed to a government-run Public Health Care Option as part of the current Health Care Reform bills circulating in Congress.

Health care is not a right.  You and I have no more right to force a doctor or hospital to treat us than we have a right to force a mechanic to fix our car or force a carpenter to fix our house.

The issue is nothing more, or LESS, basic than that.  We do not have a right to strip another individual of his pursuit of life, liberty, happiness, and freedom to choose, in order to serve us.  To do so is nothing more than forceful subjugation and slavery of another person.

As a recent hospital patient and successful survivor of cancer surgery, I can see plenty of room for health care reform, IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR.  I am currently engaged in a letter campaign with my health insurance company as they are denying my 2nd day of hospital care (within 24 hours after my noon surgery completion the previous day), saying I was medically stable enough to go home.  Au contraire’, according to my surgeon, and my personal experience on the scene.  I’ll be seeing this one all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.  And this after paying decades of health insurance.  It’s no wonder the insurance companies are vilified.

HOWEVER, I don’t need dear old Uncle Sam interfering on my behalf.

Further, I am opposed to ANY National Health Care Reform as currently proposed.  Following are just a few reasons:

1.  85% of the population is insured.  National reform will MANDATE that the 85% readjust as necessary to accommodate the other 15%.
2.  Only half or so of the 15% uninsured will become insured under national reform anyway.
3.  The plan will take 3 or 4 years to get started due to the massive bureaucracy involved.
4.  The costs, despite “government assurances”, will likely add to an already crippling national debt.
5.  The government says money will be saved by removing “waste and inefficiencies” in existing government programs.  Who believes this?  If it can or could have been done, it should have been done already.
6.  Proposed national health reform doesn’t address many major issues, such as tort reform.  (Exorbitant non-economic lawsuit compensation is forcing equally exorbitant malpractice insurance on good doctors, thus driving up the costs to consumers, you and me.)  Why no tort reform?  Ohhhh, lawyers have a lot of influence in Congress.  So much for reason, logic, and fairness.

I strongly encourage you to write your Senators and Congressmen and express your own opinions.  Following are links to contact either:



FYI many of these contact websites won’t let you submit a message unless you can post an address within their district, as they only want to hear from direct constituents.  Phooey on that I say.  Bing, Google, or Mapquest is your friend for finding an address.  Yes, districts elect our representatives, but those reps are voting on NATIONAL issues that effectus all, and we all should have the right to express our opinion to any representative.

Heaven help us should we continue down the road to socialism and the suppression of individual thinking and self-responsibilty.  (To who else but Heaven can we appeal for the ethereal Hope and Change?  Umm, nevermind.)  If we don’t stop this now, I’ll be seeing you in the welfare line, just ahead of me. 

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