Seattle Police Officer Killings

I’m outraged. Unmitigated, un-tempered, multiple expletives deleted, outraged.  While we hand out get-out-of-jail-early cards due to “budget constraints” on our prison systems, we have insane people running amok across the country killing police officers, campus students, family members, and women en masse. 

Enough of this turn-the-other-cheek, where did we go wrong and slight you.  Where is eye-for-an-eye when we need it?  Oh, I know.  The recession made me do it, and that is Bush’s fault.  Enough of that too.

IMO justice must be swifter and surer.  Our fellow men and women police officers and the citizens they protect should not have to fear for their lives in the most mundane of circumstances.

Jail time should be a WHOLE lot less comfortable.  (We might even save money.)  If you don’t want to be caged like an animal then don’t act like one.

Philosophically I think the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.  We’re already putting hundreds to death for crimes against humanity.  Perhaps if we continue to incarcerate and dispatch those inhumans amongst us in sufficient quantities we will all become so thoroughly disgusted that the penalty will someday become a deterrent.  I surely don’t know, but the bloodbath of innocent people in the streets and homes has got to stop.

I’m outraged.  Internalized, but outraged.

UPDATE 12/02/2009:

I nearly deleted this blog as I find the subject matter highly distasteful, to put it mildly. Justice has been served, in this case, but we must find a way to be proactive, before the loss of innocent lives, rather than reactive, after the fact. It is a delicate dance on the sword blade of democracy, falling into chaos and anarchy off one side or lock step fascist socialism off the other. Even distasteful subjects have to be dealt with however.


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