Muslims Unite! Down with terrorism!

I rarely agree with anything NYT opinionist Thomas Friedman says, including some of the things in his piece Father Knows Best,  but he expressed something I was discussing with a friend just yesterday and anyone who agrees with me can’t be all bad.  He stated:

“…no laws or walls we put up will ever be sufficient to protect us unless the Arab and Muslim societies from whence these suicide bombers emerge erect political, religious and moral restraints as well — starting by shaming suicide bombers and naming their actions “murder,” not “martyrdom.””

IMO, until the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world get sufficiently outraged at the radical terrorists amongst them, and express that outrage through anti-terrorist activity and condemnation, then they can never be considered a peace-loving people who want to live with us rather than against us.

Friedman concludes, and I concur:

“Every faith has its violent extreme. The West is not immune. It’s all about how the center deals with it. Does it tolerate it, isolate it or shame it? The jihadists are a security problem for our system. But they are a political and moral problem for the Arab-Muslim system. If they won’t address this problem for us, I truly hope they will do it for themselves. Eventually, we’ll find a way to keep most jihadists off our planes and out of our volleyball games — but they will have to live with them.”


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