After reading a Europa Editions book translated from French (see my previous recent blog The Most Beautiful Book….) I decided to read a book translated from Irish, Little Criminals. Actually, I suppose it didn’t need much translation. I had a good sense of what most of the slang meant, some of the names were unimaginable, and there was only one undecipherable and unimportant Celtic word in the entire book.

Is is fiction, cops and robbers genre, about little criminals, their dirty little crimes, and dirty little amoral minds. There is some grit, brutality, and murder, as goes with the theme. Even Agatha Christie kills someone in her fiction.

The Ireland setting and story is believable and thought provoking. I believed that people like these actually do exist. Amoral indeed. THAT is the chilling thought.

I kind of knew how it would all turn out, if the author had any morality of his own, but there were many plot turns and twists, though not confusing, to hold my interest until the very end. This was a fast and easy read that I absorbed quickly. Every time I set it down I wanted to get back soon and see what happened next.

I would give it a B+. Well written, good plot, only ever so slightly on the longish side.

(P.S. I borrowed this book from the Highlands Ranch branch of the DougCo libraries. Libraries are great! They will NEVER go out of style and I think we have some of the best in the country here in Douglas County. I have no desire to own or pay for every book in the world and it’s a real privilege to be able to BORROW, for FREE, from the library.)

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