The Girl Who Played With Fire is…

..obsessively disappointing?! I just finished this 700+page book by Stieg Larsson and I will NOT run out and buy the 3rd in the series, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest, very soon. Not, at least, if I plan to do ANYthing else in the next 3-5-7 days. Played with Fire was obsessive in that I could not put it down. I felt like I was fiendishly seduced into watching a marathon length movie and I was going to cut school until I finished it (I’m retired 🙂 ). Like the EverReady Bunny it kept going and going and going. It was disappointing in that I thought it would never end (you’ll have to find out for yourself if it ever did). Don’t you think a lot of authors are guilty of writing a great story and then rush to wrap it all up in a hurry because they’re just plain tired of writing? I do. (You’ll have to find out for yourself if this is one of those.) Larsson is/was (deceased) a superb screenwriter and also an author. I will eventually watch the Swedish-made movies (in subtitles and faithful to the book, I hear).

The book is obsessive in its detail, which does tend to draw it out indeterminably at times. It is not as sexually graphic as the first in the series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but it does continue on the theme of “men who hate and abuse women and why and how they should be punished” (not that there is anything wrong with THAT). It is one heck of a murder mystery thriller, so be forewarned.

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