The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is anything but boring

A blog title I read recently said this book was boring. I haven’t read the rest to find out why the writer thinks so, but perhaps some introspection of what “boring” means and why people are “bored” at all is just as worthy a discussion. Some other time.

I finished reading the book a few days ago and found it not boring at all. It’s a suspenseful murder mystery with enough plot twists to keep you guessing, but not confused, until the end. There was sufficient divergence that I wondered what happened to the Tattooed Girl for awhile.

I wonder if the author had screenwriter ambitions as a lot of the action seemed like made-for-future-movie, and the book has already been transformed to the silver screen. We can’t ask him as he passed away in 2004.

I also wonder if the book would have received such attention and renown if there hadn’t been a lot of family squabbles over his estate after his death. His Wikipedia entry,, states that his books received honors on their own. The squabbles and Stieg’s life in journalism sound like another made-for-movie plot.

The book is not without its graphic sexual depravities and abuse of women. It was originally published in Sweden titled Men Who Hate Women (after reading you’ll see why) and renamed …Dragon Tattoo in the English translation.

I only read it in the first place because my dental hygienist, an intelligent woman and She Who Shall Not Be Named, said she couldn’t put it down and continued on similarly with the two other books in the series.

I don’t think I was as gripped as she was but I’ll certainly pursue the other novels in due time. At the very least this is great beach, rainy day, blizzard, reading. I am not bored.

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