Look Look. See Sarah Palin.

See Sarah Run.
Stop Sarah Stop.
Don’t Run, Sarah, Don’t Run.

Some Republicans urge Palin not to run

If I have to I will say it a thousand times between now and 2012. We who dearly and seriously do NOT want to see Obama elected for a second term must NOT allow Sarah Palin to represent us in the 2012 Presidential election. She has NO substance whatsoever that qualifies her to lead this country. Her charming, folksy, common sense homilies are ALL common and NO sense.

a religious discourse that is intended primarily for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal instruction; a sermon)

In order to stop the total suffocation of freedom and individual rights in this country Barack Obama absolutely must be defeated in 2012. SARAH PALIN CAN’T WIN as his opponent. Like the popularly grassroots supported Sharon Angell who was defeated by “Sieg Heil” “Dirty Harry” Reid for Nevada Senator in 2010, there are too many so-called conservative sympathizers who spinelessly fear the unknown and will vote for what should be an even more fearful know quantity like Reid (or Obama for president).

It’s unfortunate John McCain’s legacy will include foisting Sarah Palin on the American public. It was a crap-shoot roll of the dice decision that backfired and helped him lose.

Palin QUIT her governorship halfway through her term. So much for commitment to public service. I think that was a SMART thing to do. If she’s not interested in governing and she can make hugely more money in the private sector, more power to her. It does not enhance her qualifications for being president.

The Republican candidate MUST WIN in 2012. And he (or she) MUST be capable. Who will that candidate be? Ay, there’s the rub. (“To sleep–perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub,” -Shakespeare) Don’t worry, “you’ll do something”. (Ayn Rand.) Just don’t do Sarah Palin.


2 thoughts on “Look Look. See Sarah Palin.

  1. Ha! I trust someone will be a leading Republican contender and WIN. It’s just that Sarah seems to be getting most of the press currently. I did a sample poll of one recently (my very elderly mother, who I “thought” was a staunch Republican and disliked Obama) and she would NOT vote for Palin in 2012. THAT is scary!

    I expect the initial Republican field will be crowded. Personally I always liked successful businessman Mitt Romney, but that persona is not popular in the main stream. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been mentioned, and he seems to be a straight shooting politician with a realistic perspective. Time will tell and we shall see.


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