… Carlo Lucarelli. The second book in the DeLuca Trilogy. (My comments on the first book: CARTE BLANCHE by Carlo Lucarelli.) As are all the trilogy books this is a novelette, absorbingly short but enjoyably so. Fascist Italy crumbles near the end of WWII as Italian police Commissario DeLuca, a policeman first, last, and always, despite his affiliations, has left the fascist infrastructure and is attempting to make it to free Italy in the south keeping his wits about him and his head attached to his shoulders. Of course he is distracted, by chance or choice, if not force, to investigate a murder along the way. Will his natural investigative curiosity kill this cat at the hands of revenge-ful partisans or will he escape? The conclusion segues nicely to the 3rd book and aroused my own curiosity such that I’ve acquired the 3rd book (FREE! from the Highlands Ranch Library). I recommend this murder mystery.

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