Can Wal-Mart Make Us Healthier?

Can Wal-Mart Make Us Healthier?  

“How the company’s plan to cut salt, sugar and fat from its food might affect our diets.”

Food for thought.  🙂

“Wal-Mart, which sells more groceries than any other company in the country, has announced a plan to reduce sodium and and sugar in many of its packaged foods, and to remove all remaining industrially produced trans fats. The retailer also said it would lower prices on fruits and vegetables, cutting into its profits in hopes that the savings for consumers will increase demand for produce.”

Might this open up a market for salt, sugar, and fatty foods?  Might we be forced to consume healthy foods because so-called unhealthy ones are not available.  Might we thus never learn to make good choices instead of bad choices?  Hmmm.

Despite a fairly healthy and active lifestyle (skiing, hiking, gym), it became quite clear to me when I lost 25-35 pounds nearly 2 years ago, and have kept it off, that it’s all about the FOOD CHOICES.  It’s a CHOICE I have to confront everyday.

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