Temperature report from the Colorado Arctic South

Time / MTN Home / DEN Home

4AM /  -4F /   -10F

7:30 /  -8F / unk

9:45 /  -8F /   -8F

11:30 / -5F / -1F
Forecast high of -4F here in the mountains.  Sun is slightly breaking through the haze. Heat wave!
Forecast high of 1F in Highlands Ranch.  The neighbors are checking on the place to be sure it doesn’t freeze up (or down).  🙂
KaCee the Wonder Dog and always-present-Westie loves her double duty double booties she wears when going outside in these temps.
Dad loves the 10 minutes (or so it seems) it takes to put 8 boots on her.  This is with her full cooperation too.  She just sits there whilst I fiddle with the boots.
Dad thinks he will skip skiing today.  I mean, seriously folks.  He may even skip the planned, short, snowshoe sojourn.  Seems like a good time to catch up on the voluminous reading backlog.  (Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand is the current read. Superrrb discourse on economic philosophy.  Dismantling America by Thomas Sowell and The Confession by John Grisham are up next.)  There is also the voluminous puttering on the condo to be done.  I’ll spare you minuscule details.
Most importantly, it is staying toasty in said condo.  I just can’t wait to see the next electric bill.  It will beat the alternative, no electricity.
Happy Winter!
Update Wed. 2/2/11, 2AM /-19F Mtn /-11F Den. (Weather.com says Mtns is -27F, my exterior thermometer says -19F.) 
Update Wed. 2/2/11, 7:45AM / -26F Mtn /-12F Den. (Weather.com says -33F Mtn (Summit County))

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