I cross-countryed the other day

Cross-country skied, that is.  A.K.A. nordic skiing.  Not a road trip from NY to LA.  Cross-countryed isn’t easy either, since it’s an adjective, not a verb.  Henceforth it will be know as cross-country ski or skied.

I haven’t cross-country skied for years.  Used to do so regularly from the place in Fairplay.  Would go out the county road north of town to the trailhead at the Beaver Creek Campground and ski the long, level jeep trails through the wide-open campgrounds out there.  Would also go to the top of Hoosier Pass north of Alma and ski either side of the pass.  Bee-yoo-tiful views up there.  It’s rumored that m’lady’s Westie Wizard and my mother’s sister Aunt Fleta eternally reside up there, but that’s legend I believe.

Tuesday was an exploratory outing.  Just putting on the x-cntry boots was a bit of an adventure after years of disuse.  They still fit and are a LOT more comfortable that my solid block of plastic downhill ski boots.  Then there are those gator thingies (technical term), the ankle and calf leggings you put on over your boots and pants to keep snow out of the same.

I had heard there was a golf course north of Silverthorne on which you could cross-country ski.  It was easy to find, less than 2 miles north on Highway 9, with highway signs for Nordic Skiing.  It turned out to be The Raven Club at Three Peaks.  Bee-yootiful place with equally bee-yootiful BIG houses and town homes around it.

The ski trail was well-groomed by a nordic trail-making device, probably pulled by a snowmobile, that leaves a wide, corduroy trail with two deep tracks off to one side for nordic skiers to set their skis in and ‘get in the groove’.  The twin ruts makes it a lot easier to get your kick and glide going without your skis going all over the place.  The Raven Course is all about easy.  Purists and more experienced skiers will want to head for the hills, but this place can’t be beat for spoil-me-please easy skiing, a light workout, and beautiful broad views of high country mountains and valley.

Snowshoeing and skate skiing (Olympic-race-style skating on very skinny skis) are permitted.  Walking on the groomed track, and dogs, are not permitted.  (M’lady and I saw plenty of dogs, and their un-picked up droppings, on the Mesa Cortina trail in Wildernest a couple of weeks ago.  I love dogs, but pick it up people!)

The Raven Course is divided into a North Course (hilly) and a South Course (easier) for skiing.  I discovered this after returning from a one hour lap on the hilly North Course.  It wasn’t death-defying but I had a few thrills negotiating small downhills on my skinny skis.  I’ll go for a workout lap on the South Course next time.

Kudos to the Raven Golf Club, the Town of Silverthorne, and all those involved in preparing and providing a great place for a nordic workout.  (On this weekday I only passed one person and saw two others the entire time I was out.  Pity.)

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