Got Memory? Secrets of a Mind-Gamer

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My memory being what it isn’t, and always a concern in the aging process, in my proverbial retiree spare time I’ve been lazily pursuing books and CDs on improving one’s memory.

I stumbled across a thought-provoking article in the New York Times the other day,


How I trained
my brain and became
a world-class
memory athlete.

By Joshua Foer

The essence, if I understood it correctly from one read (TBD), is “visualizing” and creating “memory palaces” in which to store things to remember.  I must admit I don’t yet see the relationship between playing cards and the fantastical images created to represent them that are portrayed in the article.  I did like the approach that “anyone can do it”.  You don’t have to be some idiot savant.

A lot of food for thought and new avenues to pursue in the quest to retain and even improve one’s memory, thus I thought I would share it with the public at large for their own pursuit and edification.

(Now, where did I leave my keys?)

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