Skiing, Libya, Sowell, Decisions

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Coppah’ was good skiing Tuesday.  Moderately hard-packed with some soft on top.  Did a run down Spaulding Bowl  to the Resolution Chair, not a regular area for my aging abilities.  Skied a somewhat icy run under the Blackjack Chair, then went to Union Meadow and side-slipped through some narrow tree runs, out of my league again but I wanted to see what was there

Yesterday Winter Park had 4-5” of fresh snow, making for some of the best soft-pack skiing I’ve seen in a month.  Unfortunately the great Panoramic Lift was closed all day, leaving my ski bud and I to look from afar at the untracked powder.  I was hoping to get over there early today to catch it when it opens but something is bothering Dogbert the ever present Westie so I’ve put it off.  Maybe I’ll do the rec center this morning for some weights exercise and a good jacuzzi for the back, then head to Copper for a few afternoon runs.  Don’t want to get too lethargic!

WHAT ABOUT LIBYA, PEOPLE?! Will no one help those people defeat their murderous dictator?  Are we so crippled by political correctness and afraid of interfering that by the time we do something they’ll all be dead?  WHERE IS EUROPE?  WHERE IS FRANCE? WHERE IS BRITAIN?  This is beyond pathetic.

I’m currently reading Dismantling America by Thomas Sowell.  Published last year it is a collection of his columns on very recent current events.  It is mostly very reasoned commentary and opinion.  The format suits my attention deficits well.  Each column/chapter is about 3 pages long.  It is easy to absorb a few at a time and put the book down.  There must be a hundred or so chapters.

I am also currently viewing on dvd The Art Of Critical Decision Making from  Isn’t decision making the essence of being human?  At best I often feel I’m no more than 50-50 in making good decisions over bad.  It’s never too late to improve.

Be talkin’ to ya.

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