Yuck! Spring Break has SPRUNG!

“Their heeeere!”  (The movie Poltergeist.  Not totally unrelated.)  Spring Break skiers are here, that is.  Ski mountain temps are rising, the snow is just beginning to soften in the ever higher spring sun, and the slopes are getting crowded.  Still, I’d rather see college kids enjoying skiing rather than beach-side beer busts and mob scenes.  Hopefully healthier here on the mountains.

It does make the slopes more crowded, and therefore dangerous, this time of year.  Someone brushed by me yesterday, first time in years.  Fortunately neither of us crashed or injured ourselves.  Not so much as an “excuse me” or “sorry” from the perpetrator.  Turned out to be a 50+ older person, not a reckless college kid.  Probably a professor.  🙂

Be careful out there.

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