Read THE CONFESSION by Grisham

The Confession by John Grisham

As in ‘red’, past tense, or ‘reed’, you read this.  I’m referring to John Grisham’s The Confession: A Novel, published in 2010.  I devoured it over a 48 hour period, fast reading for me, but it was a page turner and page burner.  Totally engrossing.  Only once, briefly, did I think “Oh yeah, another Grisham novel”.  Multiple story lines, where will they converge?  Grisham is a master at this.  He can weave a taut tale, getting into a character’s being and making him seem very real.  It was nicely wrapped up too, IMO, completing all the story lines thoroughly.  Too many popular authors these days seem to churn out a great story, then realize they’ve got to conclude before it gets too long and they rush to a quick, unsatisfying conclusion.  Tsk tsk.

This is a work of FICTION but it will give you plenty to think about re: death row and the death penalty.  I highly recommend this book.

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