Leo Kottke, Breckenridge Riverwalk Center, 11 Aug. 2011

Leo Kottke photographed at the Clearwater Fest...
Image via Wikipedia

Leo Kottke, acoustic guitarist.  Master of the 12-string guitar who seems like he has been around, and popular, for as long as I’ve been a rock-and-roller.  (He’ll be 66 in September.)  White haired, white shirt (he said it was plastic (nylon)) worn untucked over blue jeans, performing standing the entire time, with no monitor speakers (he said it would be worse if he had them).

One hour and forty minutes of pleasant guitar, interspersed with casual banter.  ‘Folk’ music style, to differentiate it from jazz, classical, or rock, but more straight acoustic than folksy.  The banter was very folksy.  While growing up he admired his grandparents speaking their native German.  “Germans did for the consonant what Hawaiians did for the vowel.”  The audience roared.

Though most popularly known for his 12-string playing, more than half the concert was adeptly played on 6-string acoustic.  Some gravel-voiced singing blended well with straight musical numbers.  It was a relaxed evening of just the right length.

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