When biking is good, life is good…

Especially when you spent 8 weeks on crutches last spring with a fractured ankle like I did.  ANY biking makes life good.  This week:

8/9: biked Dillon Marina – Keystone 6.36 mi and return.   1 hr 20 min non-stop, total 12.68 mi.

8/10: biked condo-North Pond-Eagles Nest-Willowbrook-path hwy 9-outlets-condo. Ttl 8.10 mi.

8/11: biked Dillon-Frisco-Dillon. 3.6 mi Gilbertson Bay, 4 mi Frisco turnoff, 6.05 by Frisco Marina, return. About 1 hr 15 min, 12.10 mi ttl.

In the process I’m rediscovering northern Summit County and the Lake Dillon area.  The views are awe inspiring (and I’m easily awe-inspired).

Image of Lake Dillon from the Dillon Amphitheater area, courtesy my iPhone.

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