T.O.T.N. – Thoughts On The News, 9/22/2011

Troy Davis executed:


I’m generally pro-death penalty, definitely anti- executing innocents. It’s sad they couldn’t have given a stay and more time, still the powers that be must have felt that after 30 years all avenues had been exhausted. Nasty business regardless.

Meg Whitman to be named head of HP:

She did well at eBay, not so well in her 2010 Calif. governor’s race against Jerry Brown. A former head of HP Carly Fiorina also did not do well (that is, win) in 2010 against incumbent US Senator Barbara Boxer. But that’s California for you. Why would a smart, successful businessperson want to be in politics anyway? That’s just not smart. HP needs you Meg. You go girl.

Ahmadinejad speech in U.N.

Talk about insanity. We have to allow this guy on U.S. soil? The U.N. is such a farce.

(Post compiled on John’s iPAD2) (Barely.  Had to edit via MacBook to get links to be an actual link.)

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