T.O.T.N.-Thoughts On The News, 9/27/11

First a thought on some of yesterday’s.  (If the links don’t work Google is your friend.)

Susan Collins: The Economy Needs a Regulation Time-Out

“America needs a “time-out” from the regulations that discourage job creation and hurt our economy. I have introduced legislation to impose a one-year moratorium on any “significant” new rules that would have an adverse impact on jobs, the economy, or America’s international competitiveness.”

Grrrrreat idea.  And this IMO from a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  It just seems like a token effort, too little at best.  A 1-year moratorium?  Hardly enough to get started on before it expires.  How about 5 years, or more?  Then, a moratorium on “significant” new rules?  Vague, vague, vague.  It also doesn’t address existing rules that she quotes in her piece.

A step in the right direction, Susan (perhaps there is hope for you yet, and change!) but just a tiny baby step.

Congresswoman found speech to blacks ‘curious’

Not only can you not criticize Obama without being accused of racism, Obama cannot cajole blacks without being accused of the same.

A Short History of the Income Tax

Educational.  I just want to know when and why it came to be that seemingly everything should be taxed.  As far as the rich paying their “fair share” they already pay a huge majority percentage of all income taxes.  Further, I’m not rich but I never felt I was deprived of any income or opportunity because someone else had a lot of money.  Don’t even get me started on ‘inequality of income distribution’.  Are we all Communists now?

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