T.O.T.N. 11/10/2011: Romney, Gingrich, Paterno

Thoughts On The News:

A.B.O. is my presidential campaign motto for 2012. “Anyone But Obama.” Now that you know where I sit AND stand, following are a few thoughts and articles of recent note.

Mitt Romney
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Mitt Romney continues to shine in the Republican Presidential Debates if only for his ability to stay in the middle of the road, avoid scandal (RE: Herman Cain), and avoid mental lapses and gaffs (RE: Rick Perry).

Perry’s brain
freeze makes it
warm and cozy
for Romney

Romney continues to write and get published cogent articles about his stand on issues and policies, such as this one in today’s WSJ:

I Won’t Let Iran Get Nukes

Newt Gingrich, if one listens closely when he speaks, continues to expound intelligently and be suitably presidential. A good piece on him appeared in the WSJ recently:

Why Gingrich Could Win

Speaking of Joe Paterno, the aging football coach at Penn State University recently involved in a sex scandal cover-up, I only speak of him because my brother and sister are both Penn State graduates. Many loyal fans, including student rioters on campus, do not think he should have been fired. Many of these have not heard the explicit details of what was a heinous crime (read about Victim 2 in the Grand Jury Report, linked below). Paterno, McQueary, et al, will be fortunate to avoid criminal charges on the matter, and that remains to be seen. Nasty business all around.

Grand Jury report

Have a great day.

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