Legalizing drugs and prostitution??

Uhh, I don’t think so.

I’m prompted to mention the topic because a woman ‘liked’ one of my previous posts. When I looked at her own WordPress site I found she is an ex-prostitute and an advocate/supporter for other such women.  As most of us who philosophize on such weighty issues as drugs and prostitution legalization are light-years removed from any direct contact with them I thought it was worthy to re-blog/post links to her site.

Be forewarned that her site and its links contain gritty descriptions of sex, trauma, and despair.  It doesn’t bother me and I found none of it titillating or prurient  but lord I would hate to offend the delicate sensibilities of those who wish to remain light-years removed.  Other than those caveats I found the sites to be well-written.

Her main WordPress site is:


She has been interviewed by the New York Times:

Nevada’s Legal Brothels Are Coercive, Too

Speaking of legalizing prostitution or not (the Secret Service will take note) I like what she said in the NYT:

“Women who worked in Nevada’s legal brothels said they were like prisons where you have to turn tricks.

…pimps don’t stop being pimps when you legalize what they do. If we legalize brothels we’ll only be giving these predators more power, while we help them protect their cash.”

Seriously folks, if we legalize do you want your 7-year old daughter asking you “Mommy can I be a hooker when I grow up?”

Ms. Marr also has a site for other prostitution survivors to connect through:

Survivors Connect Network We are sisters and survivors. Nothing will break the bonds between us. We are Survivors Connect Network

As for legalizing drugs, don’t get me started.  It is just as big a disaster.  The passing of a weakly worded medical marijuana initiative here in Colorado has unleashed hoards of dispensaries for even bigger hoards of pot-smoking youth with bad backs.

Drug prohibition seems to be a colossal failure but is legalization the answer?  It seems to me, somehow and somewhere, we ultimately want to reduce the DEMAND for drugs and prostitution.  What will it take for people to CHOOSE not to partake rather than having the choice forced on them unwillingly.  To be continued…

One thought on “Legalizing drugs and prostitution??

  1. Reblogged this on 14marcotony's Blog and commented:
    I think prostitution and drugs should be legalized, not only because it’s illiberal, but also because you Americans have made a mess by criminalizing them. Criminalizing prostitution and drugs does nothing but increases demand and creates a black market, thus putting the health and safety of the parties involved in greater danger. Legalizing prostitution and drugs allows the state to better manage and assess consumption, whilst reducing the potential for black markets and other illegal activities. Drug use and prostitution has been with our species since we came to know ourselves as such. It will be hard, perhaps impossible, to curb our appetite for sex and drugs. The first step forward is to decriminalize them and then see where we can go from there.


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