Maui 2012 – Full Day Two

It’s decided. Contrary to my previous post’s indecision (how unlike me) this is about our second full day on Maui. Saturday 26 May. That is accurate.

Now about that jet lag. I feel fine. I’m not groggy, foggy, fuzzy, or a duck. I am nicely awake and ‘present’ (what a novel state of consciousness). I’m not going to expound on my theory that despite decades of a lot of living at Colorado altitude, 5,000-11000′ extensive winter skiing included, I am better oxygenated at or near sea level. I’m considerably less tired and less prone to 1 hour+ afternoon naps, a luxury I can now afford in retirement. Something my jet lag is doing for me in Maui is getting me up early and in the hotel fitness center NLT 5:45am, another novel idea.

Enough of the detritus of my musings. I must type faster as I’m well into Full Day Three as I write. I’m sitting outside the hotel Starbucks of course, which nearly knows me by name in two days as I open it on the way to the fitness center every morning.
View from Starbucks (and thanks for the free internet by the way):


What about the end of Full Day One? Every evening ends with a spectacular ocean sunset. Do the locals ever get bored?


SWSNBN and some realllly old guy (me) at the Mala Restaurant for dinner.


My dinner was tender lamb shank on mashed potatoes with broccoli and carrots, hers was teriyaki chicken with rice and mixed veggies, both excellent. (Restaurant and drink prices we’ve encountered on Maui are understandably higher than on the mainland. Tropical drinks (pina’s, mai tai’s, etc.) can easily be $10-13. (I guess I don’t drink Manhattans in Manhattan often enough or I wouldn’t consider this expensive.) Dinner entrees here are easily well into the 30’s and 40’s. Just an FYI.)



Finally. It is Full Day Two. 5:30am fitness center. Depart Wailea for Lahaina Harbor (at the wharf across from the Pioneer Inn and massive, world famous Banyan Tree) in time to find parking and check- in for the ferry to Lana’i and our half-day trekker tour of that island, a forty-five minute ride across the water.
Early morning setup for arts and crafts under the Banyan Tree:


We’re going on THAT boat?!


I never get in the picture. Self-PORTRAIT!


Check-in is seamless with personal, named envelope containing ferry tickets and info awaiting us in exchange for our internet-arranged and emailed vouchers. Our tour guide and life-long Lana’i resident Garrett greets four of us who squeeze into a spacious leather-seated Denali. Hardship tour.



The ‘trekker’ tour, booked online through Tom Barefoot’s Tours and agent Leslie Ferguson (great job), consists of some on-road and some off-road sights and history of the 18 x 13-mile island, once but no longer nearly totally covered with Dole Co. pineapple fields. Dole/Castle and Cook/130th richest man in the world David Murdock now run two plush but laid-back golf and relaxation resorts on the island. (Reminder to self: Check Wiki on David, a successful, productive man of business, not that there is anything wrong with that.)

First stop on the tour is the Four Seasons Resort where Bill and Melinda got married. (Gates, dummy.) The lobby is tastefully but expensively decorated in an oriental motif, and a beautiful cove and beach are below where, since it is Hawaii, I bet even hoi polloi such as I can partake of sand and snorkel.



Lana’i is dry (…the rain in Spain?) absent of pineapples. Cook Island Pine line the highway into Lana’i City (island population 3,000).



After an informative tour of Lanai City we head past the other plush resort, The Lodge at Keoli, for some light off-roading to The Garden of the Gods. It’s not quite the spectacular rock formation found in Colorado Springs, CO but it is noteworthy for the barren rockscape and HIGH winds continually blowing there.

Garrett is a great tour guide (and photographer):


As we continue the tour down to Shipwreck Beach he regales us with info about his youth on the island and summer work in the pineapple fields. He and many of the Lana’i islanders have their fishing and lobster spots and he has eaten free fresh seafood all his life.

Shipwreck Beach has some kite surfers blowin’ in the wind and a… shipwreck.



After that it is back to Keoli Resort and a tour of the grounds indoors and out:






Garrett gets us back to the harbor in time for the 2pm ferry to Lahaina and it is happy trails:

Outstanding tour and guide. Highly informative.

Back in Lahaina we are hungry for a late lunch (we could have snacked on Lana’i) so we make the obligatory stop

20120527-170623.jpg at



Eventually we make it back to the Wailea Marriott. The banyans by reception:


The obligatory sunset (yawn):


…as a crescent moon puts a cap on this day:



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