Maui 2012 – Day Three

Short post about today. I need to catch up. First, thanks for the many ‘likes’ on my Maui posts to date. YOU folks have GREAT travel blogs. I haven’t had a chance to explore the sites in depth but I see at a glance some fascinating travel experiences. There are posts on Rangoon, Jakarta, Singapore, countries the Queen visited, and Houston, to name a few. Check this 28th birthday in the Sahara post, different!

I recommend them all. Click on the ‘likes’ icons at the bottom of my posts and burrow your way to their websites.

Day Three. Swim Day. Starbucks and the fitness center by 5:45am. I slept until 4am so the jet lag is fading.

Next a walk along the beach path. Pretty as a picture.



Snorkeling on my mind. Sorry, no pix! (No water camera.) M’lady and I rent gear for the rest of the week from the Marriott Pool Concierge. We have used Snorkel Bob’s on past visits but this is handy. We walk south from the hotel for about 1/2 to 3/4 mile, past the Grand Wailea Resort a bit, to a large, for this area, busy, and sandy beach with rock outcropping we had seen the other day.

Gear on and we swim around the rocks. Got fish? Yup! It is decent. A large school of small black fish. A small school of large pretty blue fish. Some long light yellow fish with what looks like a forked tongue. It’s an appendage under their mouth that unfolds forward in front of them and scissors back and forth stirring the sand and presumably getting food for their open mouths. Wild.

There are lots of my favorites, for which I have balsa replicas back home from a previous trip. Good old humuhumunukunukuapuaa.
Humu (hoo-moo)
humu (hoo-moo)
nuku (noo-koo)
nuku (noo-koo)
apu (ah-poo)
a’a (ah-ah)

There, now you can say it. That wasn’t hard, was it?

Our snorkels, masks, and flippers from the hotel work well, which is also a good thing. Maybe next time, Snorkel Bob.

Back at the hotel we shower and dress for a casual lunch at the Shops at Wailea. Doing what we do best we were born to (window) shop. We have lunch at Tommy Bahama’s. Very good but fairly pricey.

There are numerous excellent shops to browse, from prolific island clothing shops to Gucci and art galleries. My favorite is Celebrites Gallery: . Art by celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Mick Fleetwood, Paul Stanley, and many others. My favorites are by Rolling Stone Ron Woods. The are IMO several great pieces of Keith Richards, whose face is an unusual character study in its own right.

There is a Martin & MacArthur store if you like beautiful koa boxes. I have a small one from a previous visit to their Honolulu location in my small collection of small boxes.

We stroll the banyan lined entrance street to the Marriott going back from the Shops.


Naps, blogging from Starbucks, snack dinner, and an evening walk for those inevitable sunset pictures round out the day.




It’s dark when we return. Flame-lit plants by the pool:


The Marriott lobby after dark:


Speaking of my beach book of the week Lapham’s Quarterly I bet I can randomly open it to a page I haven’t read (middle or last half as I’ve read most of the first half) and find a worthy quote to share with you. Here goes:

“Newspapers always excite curiosity. No one ever lays one down without a feeling of disappointment” –Charles Lamb, 1833 (Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2012, p. 150)

OK. It’s a little weak. It’s a side quote of which many are sprinkled throughout the publication. The bulk of that page is the middle of an account by George Orwell of his experience in the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930’s. It looks noteworthy on the whole but I couldn’t glean a short quote. Maybe next time.

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