Maui 2012 – Day Six – Swim Day

30 May.

Fitness Center workout and Starbucks.

M’lady is still druggy from the dramamine taken for the Molokai ferry return. Nasty stuff.

Buffet breakfast at the Wailea Marriott. Delicious.

Run up to Snorkel Bob’s at 2411 S. Kihei Rd. so ‘she’ can buy a UPF 50 swim shirt to keep the sun off her back. (I have an one from a previous visit years ago.) Worth noting that they rent Tommy Bahama beach chairs for $25 a week (a pair?) (storage pockets all over, full recline, $65 new at Tommy’s in Shops at Wailea). ‘Next’ time.

Da’ banyans line the drive to the hotel.


Maid is still cleaning when we return so we wait by the pool while she finishes.

Finally hit the beach for snorkeling by the rocks a half mile south of the Marriott where we were Sunday. Gear up and hit the water about 11:30a. Waves are coming in moderately strong and stirring up a lot of sediment near the beach but the water is clear out by the rocks.

Not as many fish around today but we see a medium-size turtle. Beautiful! They are so cool.

LOTS of wave action and it’s hard to keep an eye on lady-bug. Seems like she is swimming farther out. I get her attention and point toward the beach.

I see the turtle again. Cool!

Waves are rolling ‘swell’ (pun) and I have my hands full trying to swim back myself. Can’t see where she is and I’m breathing hard trying to keep my head up and look around. I finally get back in snorkel mode and swim toward shore, hoping she is there or I can get help looking for her.

Looks like she might be near shore but I can’t tell if it’s her. Finally get closer and she is standing in the water. A..O..K.. Phew.

I finally make it in and we have fish stories to tell, I mean turtle, er, snorkel tales. All’s well that ends well. Rough today. We’ll try to hit it earlier Friday.

Walking back to the pool we see a couple of really big turtles near the rocky shore. Neat creatures.

Lunch at Kumu Bar & Grill Marriott by the pool. We share a mahi sandwich (moist, tender, and delicious) with sweet potato fries. Obligatory tropical drinks. Mine’s a pina colada.


Pool time. In the shade. Dip in chlorine.

Dinner at the Mala Restaurant Marriott. We both opt for the prix fixe 3 course dinner (starter, entree, desert). She starts with a creamy, light yellow carrot soup. I taste. Delicious. I start with a mixed lettuce salad, bleu cheese crumbs, glazed walnuts, vinaigrette. Delicious. We both have the mahi on rice with mixed vegetables. Delicious. The desert is tiramisu. Delicious.









After dinner we walk to the Shops at Wailea so m’lady can find a t-shirt for the zipline tomorrow. I pull my camera out of my pocket a few more times to take pictures of a young woman with a very good voice who is entertaining at the Shops. (She is with the band The Throwdowns.)


A few shops later I discover that my thin packet of ID, credit cards, room key, and cash is not in the pocket I’m slipping the camera in and out of. I already lost it once five days ago on the Lana’i tour but it was found immediately by a tour participant.

I can’t believe it. Stoooo-pid. I’m frantic (only photo ID and credit cards on vacation with me) so I retrace my steps through the shops, leaving my name and phone number with helpful clerks. Nothing.

We finally retrace all the way to the hotel dining room and the hostess greets me by name with a big smile. It fell out at the dining table during dinner. BIG sigh of relief and she refuses a reward.

We miss the obligatory sunset but all is well that ends well. Happy trails.

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