Early Season Skiing, Arapahoe Basin and Copper Mountain, Summit County Colorado

If it wasn’t for snowmaking there wouldn’t be any skiing at all yet this 2012-2013 ski season.  But there is snowmaking.  A friend gave me a free pass to Arapahoe Basin Ski Area and I used it on 31 October, Halloween Day.  It was my earliest start in a very very long time.  (Click on photos to enlarge, use your browser back button to return.)

Liberty (Jeep) at the Basin
Got ski gear?
I should have worn more clothes!

The following link is to a You Tube video I made from a movie clip filmed while skiing. Bear with me on this.  It’s my first attempt at videos.  I’m new to video making and posting.  If you’re curious about the bells and whistles in this video just think APPLE (iMovie).  Here are a few caveats I encountered:
1.  This video has ads and may even be blocked BECAUSE I’m using a pop star’s music for background.  Let me know if it’s blocked.
2.  If you’re on an Apple device and the video just shows a black screen, you may have an HTML5 test trial enabled.  Go to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and disable it.  This worked for me.
3.  If the video starts and stops, as the long videos might, stop the video and let it buffer (download) for a short time.  You’ll see the gray bar at the bottom extending to the right past the play-point indicator (a red bar on mine).
4.  Enlarge videos to full screen using the icon in the lower right corner, use your browser back button to return to this page.  Use your volume control to listen, or not, to dialog.

This clip is 1 min. 12 sec. (1:12).  This video has Lady Gaga background music and may give a message to the effect ‘not setup for mobile device’.  If so find the ‘Desktop’ link on that YouTube page and go to desktop mode.  It should play in that mode.  The other videos should play ok as they are.

Arapahoe Basin Day One

Next it is on to my first day, 6 November, at my regular season pass ski area Copper Mountain.

This first clip (no bells and whistles in any of these) is 47 sec.

Copper Mt. 20121106 Base

Riding the chairlift.

Movie clip on the chairlift.  Time is 1:34.

Copper Mt. 20121106 Chair Ride

Snow grooming in progress, seen from the base dining room.
A pic over lunch, literally!

This last video clip is 6:28 but the second half is fun.

Copper Mt. 20121106 Skiing the Main Vein ski run.

The skiing was fun but there isn’t enough of it yet.  There is supposed to be some weather coming in the weekend.  Maybe, next week, more skiing.

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