Do you Zinio? My library does, therefore so do I.

Books are amazing.  Magazines are amazing.  Libraries are STILL amazing and RELEVANT.

I know I can go to my library and read books, magazines, and newspapers for free.

I know I can request and download ebooks for free.

I did NOT know I could download and read 170 different digitized magazines for free.  My recent library email newsletter reminded me.

Sure, I’m not particularly interested in the many household and cooking magazines that comprise a fair number but they are good to have available.  I AM randomly interested in:
Business Week
Cabin Living
Car and Driver
Consumer Reports
The Economist
Foreign Policy
Guitar Player
Harvard Business Review
Men’s Health
Men’s Journal
Motor Trend
National Geographics
Outdoor Life
Outdoor Photographer
PC World
Popular Mechanics, Photography, and Science
Powder Magazine (snow, not guns)
Road and Track
Rolling Stone
…and MORE!!!!!

The latest issue of The Economist tells you what THE WHOLE WORLD is doing. I love the cover:

The Economist

It has an article on binge drinking in Britain which complements (not nearly so eloquently) Lapham’s Quarterly’s Winter issue on Intoxication.  I can’t begin to read even this one entire magazine.  I’m awestruck.

Compare this cover of Foreign Policy magazine…

Foreign Policy Magazine

…with this one from my recent review of ebook False Idol:

False Idol
False Idol

Is word getting around or what?!?!  I mean, WOW!  But I digress.

The Internet is amazing.  If I can get groceries delivered from the grocery store, and the electricity stays on, I may never have to leave home again.  How about that!  Thank you Al Gore!! (Inventor of the Internet, isn’t he?)

Oh, about that Zinio thing.  I log into my library account and then create an account in Zinio.  I download and install the Zinio apps on my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.  Then I go to my library catalog for Zinio downloads and select my magazines.  It says I can get as many as I want for as long as I want.  The downloads are exact digital reproductions of the print magazines, ads and all.  I have died and gone to Heaven.  (Cue the chorus!)

I am the perpetual newbie, newborn, born again, just born yesterday, wide-eyed observer. Beam me up Scotty, I just discovered Zinio!

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