Thank you for the views, likes, follows, and comments, and vote for

(More about Lesley shortly.  If you can’t wait see Suggestions from the People that Know Best and Biggest Baddest Bucket List (at this link scroll down to vote).)

I’m not going anywhere, other than that ticking clock of estimated remaining life represented by the number at the far right-bottom of the page should I be fortunate enough to reach my father’s age at his passing.  (There’s a blog post idea.  Planning one’s life like it was finite.  A 100-year (!) project via time management software and spreadsheet. How novel.)

I want to thank those who have stumbled upon this site for doing so.  The internet may be one of the greatest inventions of mankind.  (Thank you Al Gore.)  Knowledge, communication, expression.  All at your finger tips.

Considering the overall stats for it is a wonder anyone ever finds this site.


Over 407 million people view more than 4.1 billion pages each month. users produce about 39.3 million new posts and 42.7 million new comments each month.

I won’t compare my meager stats.  My Travel, Photography, and Recreation posts get the most views.  I would like to name everyone individually but that is not easy and my time management won’t allow it.

You photographers are amazing.  This is a great site for outdoors photos:

Also: http://wheresmybackpack.com and

An interesting mix of travel photography and dialogue is the site by enigmatic actress and world traveler Elena Levon:  You must see her photos of North Africa.  I love her blog heading (same link):


An equally interesting woman’s site is the flair for innovative fashion and photography at  Her Polka Dots party is unbelievable.  I recommend this site also.

Besides travel and photography I like to opine on freedom, self-responsibility, and individual rights.  I’m somewhere between conservative and libertarian.  I like the term I saw in Reason Magazine, ‘liberty-minded’.  A few recent encounters in that realm are:  (An NYC woman who writes nearly every post in both English and Spanish.  I like that.  We must communicate with everyone.)

Then there is ex-call girl Stella Marr who has noteworthy thoughts on the cons of legalizing prostitution:

I have missed many, many bloggers in all categories.  My apologies.  I must do this again soon.  Besides, it’s fun revisiting with you!

DON’T FORGET LESLEY CARTER.  This woman is really going for it in living life to the fullest.  Check her blog and VOTE FOR HER in her bucket list contest efforts:
Suggestions from the People that Know Best and Biggest Baddest Bucket List (scroll down to vote)

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