Thank you photographer viewers, and viewers non-photography

Snow Sculpture.  Breckenridge, CO.  27 Jan. 2013.
Snow Sculpture. Breckenridge, CO. 27 Jan. 2013.  Canon Powershot ELPH 100.

At least another 1/2 dozen people have viewed my site.  I’m gob-smacked.  Almost every viewer does some photography, many do a lot.  Following are some of them.  They are from all over the world.  Their photos are great.  Their websites are great.  Have a look.

Lily La [Most recent viewer.  Vietnamese Londoner on her way to South Korea.]

                                                                                 Leanne Cole [Dedicated pro photographer in Australia.]

                       Broken Light: A …
                                                                                  [Photography for mental health.]

PRAMUDIYA [Great photos.  Film buff too.]

jpdeluna [S.E Asia]   


                                                             Teri Flynn@maskednative

                                                                                   H! [Perky woman!!!]

Khawaja Hamad [Kashmir by way of Alabama.  Beautiful poetry, drawings, photos.]

Literary Man  [Literate.]
Patrick Latter
Craig Strachan
Equatours Limited
Island Traveler
kolbskid [Photography & design. Check it out.]



                                                                                 The Retiring Sort

I know I’ve missed many.  Maybe I’ve done you a favor.  Thanks to one and all for stopping by.  Keep up the good blogging.

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