T.O.T.N. (Thoughts On The News) 24 Feb. 2013. Taxes?! Of COURSE we need taxes! [UPDATED. See end of post.]


It is not often one can berate the WSJ (SHAME on the Wall Street Journal re: Payroll Tax Whacks Spending) but one can ALWAYS find some die-hard liberal cause jumping from the pages of the NEW YORK TIMES.

While catching up (discarding actually) recent digital back-issues, I came across this House Editorial (unsigned piece (who DOES write those?)):

Why Taxes Have to Go Up
Without new revenues, safe and sane deficit reduction is impossible.

Non-subscribers most likely can’t access the online article.  (I do not PAY for this yellow journalism but have a left-over subscription from the free enticement days.)  Thus I will post a few extracts which IMHO (in my humble opinion) perfectly state Obama’s Democrat Liberal agenda on TAXING EVERYONE… MORE.

“Democrats and Republicans remain at odds on how to avoid a round of budget cuts so deep and arbitrary that to allow them now could push the economy back into recession.”

““Spending is the problem,” declared the House speaker, John Boehner. “Spending must be the focus.” Reflecting the views of many of her Republican colleagues, Representative Martha Roby said Wednesday that Mr. Obama “already got his tax increase” as part of the January agreement over the “fiscal cliff” and that no further increases were necessary.”

“Both are wrong. To reduce the deficit in a weak economy, new taxes on high-income Americans are a matter of necessity and fairness; they are also a necessary precondition to what in time will have to be tax increases on the middle class.  [Emphasis mine.]

“It stands to reason that a deficit caused partly by inadequate revenue must be corrected in part by new taxes.”  [Reason?  What reason?  See Boehner’s quote above.]

“As the economy strengthens and the population ages, more taxes will be needed from further down the income scale, both to meet foreseeable commitments, especially health care, as well as unforeseeable developments, from wars to technological challenges.”

More taxes.  More spending.  “We” neeeed the money.

In the spirit of short, concise posts that others are better at than I, I rest my case.



George F. Will has an excellent column in today’s Sunday paper:

Will: Sequestration is a manufactured crisis

(or HERE )

Al Lewis, Denver financial columnist who writes for the WSJ now, has a good column on how the Federal Reserve is NOT helping unemployment:

A Job-Hacking Fed Policy

(I think non-subscribers will be able to get to this one.)


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