What, Me Worry…About The Debt Limit?

[This is yet another great blog about the U.S. national debt. The second video is sadly, hilariously funny. Both are short. (Refresh your web page if you get an error on the first video as I did. It worked for me.) Good work NecessaryAndProper.]

Necessary and Proper

Almost  17 Trillion Dollar US National DebtThe U.S. national debt is currently more than 16.6 trillion dollars.  To be specific:


Wait!  In the time it took me to type that number and this paragraph, it increased to:


What does that mean to you?

Well, it’s $52,672 per U.S. citizen.

Since only 36 out of every 100 citizens pays federal income taxes, it’s $146,848/taxpayer.

(photo credit)

Want to see for yourself how concerned the Democrat politicians in

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