FRESH POW, Powder Skiing, Copper Mountain Colorado, 05Mar2013

[POW: Ski culture vernacular for powder snow.  This isn’t about gun control.]

It SHOULD have been a powder day.  Snowfalls have been better recently:



There was a brief but fierce  blizzard in Summit County yesterday (Mon. 4Mar2013) with 2 major pile-ups on I-70 just a couple of miles from here, one with 25 cars and another with 29 cars.

I was in such a hurry to get to the ski area I actually drove PAST the Starbucks where I almost always stop (22s video with music):


Oh wait.  That was on my way to Winter Park 13 February.  It was still COLD skiing there (as it was Copper Mountain & Winter Park Skiing Update, Ski Apps and Run Tracking, 29 Jan-7 Feb 2013 ).

[Winter Park 13 February.  Click on any photo to open the slideshow.  Click the X in the upper left to return.]:


Stats for the day:


FINALLY, a 3-5″ powder day at Copper Mountain on 14 February.  We are SO desperate for soft snow:


The Ski Tracks app by has a cross-country skiing option.  Feb. 20th I used it at the Raven Golf Course at Three Peaks in Silverthorne:


What about that Mar. 5th powder day at Copper?!?!  Ahh, there lies the rub.  To be continued… lest you get to BORED!

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