I Love Sarah (updated)


Well, I LIKE Sarah. Palin, that is. I just stumbled upon this news item about her speech at CPAC:

Palin re-emerges to lash GOP establishment and Obama alike

Lest I forget my conservative and evermore conservatarian roots I had to bring this up. I like Sarah’s ability to stick in the proverbial, verbal, knife-sharp quip and give it a twist. I think that is her value and forte, as I’m not in favor of her holding high federal office.

It was nice to see CPAC giving this ‘old’ blood venue as well as the newer blood of Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio. The Future (I’m just finishing Lapham’s Fall 2011 issue on the subject) holds promise!

A companion piece:
Rand Paul wins CPAC straw poll; Rubio close second

“It shouldn’t be surprising that the Kentucky senator won the straw poll. This was not a weekend of self-reflection for conservatives. It was one of standing by principles, and no one more represents standing by principles than Paul.”

What a novel idea, “standing by principles”.

3 thoughts on “I Love Sarah (updated)

    1. Yes, quite a mix. I’ve been wondering whether to leave it like that, create separate pages for separate subjects, or create separate blogs. I’m afraid separate blogs would be harder to manage and get ‘lost’ in the blogosphere. Perhaps I will do a post asking for opinions. Thanks.


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