FRESH POW, Powder Skiing, Copper Mountain Colorado, 05Mar2013, Part DEUX

[POW: Ski culture vernacular for powder snow.  This isn’t about gun control.]

It SHOULD have been a powder day.

There was a brief but fierce  blizzard in Summit County Monday 4Mar2013 with 2 major pile-ups on I-70 near Silverthorne.

Views from the condo Monday afternoon post-blizzard and Tuesday morning were beautiful:

(On my Macbook I can click on a photo to enlarge, then scroll down and click “View full size…” to enlarge again, then click it yet again to enlarge yet again.  In the slideshow window I click the X upper left to return to this blog post.  I will have to test in Windows to see out that reacts.)


It was sunny at the Copper Mountain base area Tuesday morning but alas the fresh powder was GONE!  All that was left was CRUD (skied on, chopped up powder).  The storm had stopped in time the previous day for that days’ skiers to get the soft stuff.  Some say CRUD is one of the most difficult conditions to ski as it throws your skis around as you ski into clumps, slowing your speed, and out of clumps, increasing your speed.  This wasn’t bad crud as it was fairly shallow and soft-dry snow, easy in which to turn.  It all looked like THIS: (click on pictures to enlarge, etc.  All photos on this page taken with an 8-megapixel iPhone5.)


To a guy my age with multiple ski injuries over the years and nothing left to prove, the only thing nearly as good as fresh powder is FRESH CORDUROY.  Overnight snowcats,tractors/bulldozers made to run on snow…

Wikipedia snowcat picture.
Wikipedia snowcat picture.

… knockdown the moguls (snow bumps from skiing) (pardon the novice explanations, who in this day doesn’t know snow moguls, corduroy, and pow-pow; perhaps the rare visitor from distant parts of the globe).  Finally a ribbed cylinder is pulled over it to pack it, making, voila!, CORDUROY!  (Emulating corduroy fabric.)  Following is a 43 second movie clip of nearly-fresh corduroy.  (Video was taken in HD 1080p res with a hand-held iPhone5.  Music and graphics were added with iMovie software.)


It SHOULD have been a powder day…

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