Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

THINK?! Who will think anymore?!?!

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Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

Bloomberg is a man who never sleeps, apparently.

His zeal for public health and safety is unabated, despite a resounding “No,” from the courts in response to his ridiculous legislation banning large cups and bottles of soda. Now, the “capeless crusader” has turned once again to the item which health crusaders attack most often and most viciously: cigarettes and other forms of smoking tobacco.

The Capeless Crusader: Tireless Defender of Everyone Else's Health
The Capeless Crusader: Tireless Defender of Everyone Else’s Health

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t endorse smoking, nor do I smoke. But neither do I endorse the government-funded war on smoking. My reason for this is simple: smoking is not healthy, it’s true. But neither is eating too much. And the zealots are already turning toward overeating as their next crusade, starting with a seemingly innocuous requirement that restaurants post calorie content of each menu item. Today, require caloric content to be…

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2 thoughts on “Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

  1. I read a poor lad’s blog post today in which he said that we people are like bacteria on the earth destroying it. His ideas slithered out of the same trench in which Bloomberg’s lunacy resides. What I can’t understand is the dissonance that is so easily maintained in that trench. It seems to me that if man is such a blight on the face of this otherwise peaceful planet, the right thing to to would be to encourage man’s demise.


    1. Wow. ‘Poor lad’ sure has a defeatist attitude. There are people like that out there. Doesn’t bring me down. Mankind is better than that. Those of us confident in ourselves have to keep moving forward. Thanks for your comment.


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