Your comments please. SHOULD I blog about everything?


1. Should I have a separate blog for each subject?

2. Should I have one blog with a separate page for each subject?

3. Should I leave it more or less as it is, a single stream of posts on a wide variety of subjects, and let a viewer choose what to read or not as it appeals?

This is what I woke up to in Denver this morning:


4-5 inches of glorious wet Spring snow.  I love the 4 seasons but seriously folks, it’s time to shift to the next one.  But there I go, changing the subject again.

What do I want to accomplish in my blog?

1.  Self-expression.  Not in an artistic sense, but in a sense of expressing opinions (conservative thought for example), observations (travel, recreation, and the associated amateur photography), and interests (literature, technology, EVERYthing else).

2.  Communication.  I would like people to see my blog posts, maybe even read them.

I’m not trying to emulate prolific bloggers like Bucket List Woman Lesley Carter who has 15,951,601 page views (WOOF!) and who still has 9 days left in the bucket list contest that you can vote for by clicking the icon in the side bar to the right.  (I don’t know this woman from Adam (or Eve) but I admire her tenacity and apparent hard work in her endeavors.  She seems to live each day like it is a bucket list (what a novel idea).  She has 17,871 votes in the contest as I write and may still only be in second place.  VOTE FOR HER.)

I’m changing the subject again, doing what I do best I suppose.  Even Lesley’s primary blog theme of bucket listing is getting a bit diversified with the arrival of her new baby awhile back and moving into a new home.  But that’s LIFE isn’t it?

I’m flattered to have had several thousand page views in several years, and several dozen followers who at least get notified when I have self-expressed again.

Option 1, a separate blog for each subject, seems as if it would be difficult to manage and would fragment the viewing audience.

Option 2, a separate page for each subject on one blog still seems a bit difficult but ‘less’ fragmented.

Option 3, all for one and one for all, is easiest but does the mix of subjects lose viewers rather than gain them?  This one is my favorite and I recently changed all my posts to gallery view so the viewer only sees a portion and then can click on what he likes to see the whole post.

Tell me what you think, in as few or as many words as you like.  Option 1, 2, 3, or something else.

8 thoughts on “Your comments please. SHOULD I blog about everything?

  1. You say you want to communicate. Communicate what? That may be the crux of the problem. If you want to communicate the ideas and stories of a lifetime that, as a body of work, describe you as a person then splash it all down on one large oak floor and let us soak it up little by little. But I would first suggest that you decide what story you want to tell.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I see your own site and stories of a lifetime are carefully thought and expressed. I recommend viewers read your posts. A friend once told me “you cannot have what you can’t describe in detail” (possibly from Werner Erhard, a person we mutually admire). As you suggest, perhaps I should work on articulating what it is I want to communicate. If I get it I’m sure others will also. Less posting with more aforethought would be a good start. I don’t intend it to be a diary per se. Thanks again.


  2. It is nice for me as a reader when blogs have a specific purpose. I am not as quick to follow blogs that are random. As an avid reader I like to know what I’m getting into before I read books, blogs or any material for that matter.


    1. Good point. One could wander aimlessly through the 60 million WordPress blogs. Perhaps the separate pages would help structure multiple subjects. I like to expound on different topics but the mixed aspect has bothered me, which is why I’m asking advice.


  3. John RH, I like your randomness. We share the same first name and if you visit my blog you may agree that Tangents R US? 😉
    Life is not all topic focussed. It is random. I like books that I can pick up, read a part and put down, start somewhere else the next time and not feel that I have missed out. Life is about the journey not the destination is an often used phrase. Maybe life should be about all that we see along our journey, not about which road we take? I’ll keep stopping to smell the flowers, the coffee, taking turnings that lead me nowhere, somewhere and pondering it all. On route I will enjoy reading your perspective as YOU see it. Thank you 🙂


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