The Denver Auto Show, March 2013


I can dream can’t I?  It’s a guy thing.  Unless you’re a car gal.

I didn’t photograph every car and I’m not displaying every car I photographed.  These are my favorites as I fantasize about my ‘next’ car.  (We in this country are fortunate to have such problems.)  If I could even afford my fantasies I couldn’t buy a new car because then I would have one major less thing to obsess about.

The train into town to the Denver Convention Center is as cheap as gas these days.

[On my Macbook I can click on a photo to enlarge, then SCROLL DOWN and click “VIEW FULL SIZE…” to enlarge again, then click it again to enlarge even further.  In the slideshow window I click the X upper left to return to this blog post.  CLICK THE PHOTOS FOR FULL-VIEW FUN.]


The Buick Enclave and new Encore.  M’lady has a recent year Buick sedan which is sweeeeet.  They’ve come a long way baby.


The Mercedes Benz CLA 250 Concept to be released Sept. 2013.  If it looks anything like this they’ll sell a lot of them.


BMW SUVs.  X1, X3, X5.  (I’m an SUV kinda’ guy.  M’lady says that as long as we live in Colorado one of us should have an SUV, to which I reply ‘who would THAT be?’.  Since she has a recent year sedan, I guess that leaves me.)


Audi, Audi, Audi.  The mid-size Q5 SUV is very high on the fantasy short-list.


Maserati, Aston Martin, Ferrari.  For when you have a spare couple-a’ hundred thou’ laying around.  Yawn.


The Acura MDX is another short-lister.


This is a touchscreen COFFEE TABLE in the Acura display area.  If I can surf the ‘Net on it I want one!


The Acura RLX was one of several cars I saw displaying the next big thing, TWO dashboard screens.


Finally, the Nissan Murano as I recall has a very high Consumer Reports rating.  Also it is sooo much cheaper than the others!


It’s noteworthy that nearly all my dream cars are from Germany or Japan.  Hmm.

3 thoughts on “The Denver Auto Show, March 2013

  1. Well, great photos. I have BMW 535d, biturbo, xDrive, touring, max torque (Nm/rpm) 630, 230 kW (313 hp). I love touring cars, because they have enough space for luggage.


      1. Thank You sir. In Finland in winter we need 4 wheel drives. I will keep this car next 15 years. How so? Well, I am retired since ten years and maybe this car is my last car. 🙂

        Have a nice ay.


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