A Frustrated Republican



[Following is an email received from a California friend, critical thinker, and frustrated voter.  Feel free to reblog or email his message as you see fit.]

Dear Voter

 I have had an increasing sense that the Republican Party has moved dramatically left in my lifetime.

They have become a Party that in fact (not rhetoric) supports big government spending, taxes and controls.

Because I am a registered Republican, the Republicans know they have my vote
in any election no matter what they do–
because Voting Democratic is not an option.

In order for my vote to have more influence on the Republican and Democratic parties,
I am re-registering as Libertarian.

The Libertarian Party stands for a smaller, less intrusive government with lower taxes and more freedom.

When it is time to vote, I will still vote Republican.

My registering Libertarian is to send a clear message to all the political parties that
I want a smaller, less intrusive government.

If both parties see increasing registration for the Libertarian Party,
they will know they need to appeal to voters in favor of smaller government,

in order to be elected.



If you would like your vote to have influence, the USPS has change of voter registration forms.
If you agree with this concept of how to make our politicians more responsive,
please forward this to to your address book members.
If not, please reflect on the old adage:

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting different results.

It is time to take action.

I am Taxed Enough Already

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3 Responses to A Frustrated Republican

  1. T. Caine says:

    At this point I would be more worried about those who are not frustrated with our government, and I am all for voicing the need to change, but it seems like there are aspects of this that underscore more of the problem than the solution.

    “Because I am a registered Republican, the Republicans know they have my vote in any election no matter what they do–because Voting Democratic is not an option.”

    This pretty much defeats the purpose of the entire letter. Put another way, it says “don’t pay attention to anything I’m about to say because you have my vote already.” This kind of blind partisanship is completely contrary to political accountability. No matter what one’s views are, every decision and every vote should be up for grabs. Your elected official should always have to earn your vote on every decision he/she makes. If the letter said, “I consider myself a Republican, but at this point I need to be convinced. I need an argument. I need justification. I need a plan. If you want me vote, earn it. Every single time,” then maybe it would give politicians more pause and consideration?

    The knee-jerk, pre-determined, either/or, red/blue, conservative/liberal mode of decision making is the real problem. The majority of the time, the right answer exists somewhere in the middle (a concept that seems to have vanished from D.C.).


  2. cindy knoke says:

    How have I missed all these posts of yours????


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