Prepping for Prague…


…as well as Berlin, Halle, Baunatal-Kassel, Koln, Aachen, Breda, Amsterdam, and numerous points in between. M’lady and I are leaving next week for the Timberwolves Pups WWII Europe Tour.


We trace the footsteps of m’lady’s father’s WWII unit the 104th Inf. Div. (Timberwolves) through southern Holland (Standaarbuiten, Oudenbosch) and across Germany to Halle. We finish the tour in Berlin and m’lady and I go to Prague for extra days.

Following is a snippet of the itinerary:


I could write a couple of books on how much the Dutch and Belgians treasure their freedom and honor the living and dead of WWII who restored it to them. Unbelievable, a sight to behold, and a lesson to all mankind, especially those of us living in the ‘relative’ peace and isolation of the U.S.

I digress. I’m writing this post from my iPad2 as that will be the communication medium while I’m traveling.

I’ve been working on cameras, guide books, and walking tours.


I’ll be taking my trusty Canon PowerShot Elph 100HS and my new GoPro Hero3 action cam. (No cliff jumping this trip but both cameras are compact and should be fun.)

Following is some of what I’ll be leaving behind:
Spring snow in Colorado:


Photos during the trip will have to be loaded from camera cards to the iPad, inserted into the WordPress post, then deleted from the iPad so as not to use all the storage. Same for movies, though they will go from the iPad to YouTube and linked from there to the post. Needless to say I won’t be posting EVERY photo or movie I take. My motto for stills is “if it doesn’t move, shoot it”. With the GoPro, “if it moves, shoot it”. I’ve purchased extra memory cards.

Practice shots:
GoPro stills:

GoPro/YouTube action video from a previous post:

(Ok, ok. Not ACTION but it is ‘a motion’ picture.)

Canon Elph stills:




Coming to you soon, live and online, from Europe.

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