Timberwolves Europe 2013: Early arrival, Anne Frank, Meet and Greet. 2 May.


M’lady and I depart and thus arrive 1 day early for the Timberwolves tour explained in my previous post.

Colorado sunrise on departure day Tue. 30 Apr: (Taken with my iPhone5 while letting the dog out in the back yard. Click on photos to enlarge.)

One can never have too many sunrises or sunsets. I try to have one of each every day, whether I see them or not. šŸ™‚

We have about 14 hours of travel to Amsterdam, including a long scheduled layover in Chicago in case of any ‘government sequester’ delays. However, we are early birds. Energetic, dynamic, on the go. After a lot of flying, No-Jet Lag pills, et al, we make our way through Schipol Amsterdam airport, get Euros from the ATM, and take the shuttle to the Van der Valk A4 Hotel.

After check-in and stashing the bags in our room we head to the hotel dining room for coffee and find… Timberwolves!

Thu. 1 May m’lady and I head into the city early for our first visit to the Anne Frank House (Diary of Anne Frank) despite our many previous visits to Amsterdam. This is a must-see for human beings. The house is unfurnished but well displayed with quotes from her and the story of her hiding from the Nazis until arrested in August 1944 and sent to die in a concentration camp in March 1945

Writing between the ages of about 13 and 15, Anne was serious and insightful. Judging from the museum quotes, her diary is great writing. I have no doubt she would have continued to be a great author had she survived.

The house: (Click to enlarge and see captions.)

(Now I MUST read her book. Shame on me for not doing so already.)


Tour members have nearly all arrived. It’s time to renew old acquaintances and make new friends. Our guide is on the ball and instructions are in the lobby:


Let the Meet and Greet begin:

Tour guide Patrick gives us an outline of the tour and we introduce ourselves individually.

Tomorrow we “Follow In Their Footsteps”.

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