Timberwolves Europe 2013, WWII footsteps in Halle Germany. 10 May.


(See previous posts for what this tour is about.) (As always, click on photos to enlarge or play movie.)

A beautiful Halle sunset 9 May will bring dawn on a brand new day.



It was a busy day today. Our guide for the day was Matthias Maurer, founder and president of the Count Von Luckner Society in Halle, Germany. (I thought Wikipedia had a good introductory history on Von Luckner, though his WWII involvement with saving Halle is extremely brief.)

During an extensive morning tour by bus we visited important sites in the history of the Timberwolves involvement in Halle and sparing it WWII bombardment by the Allies. (To ever so briefly summarize, Gen. Terry Allen, commander of the 104th, negotiated with the mayor of Halle and Count Von Luckner to have the town surrender and spare it destruction. After a bit of suspense and interaction this was successful. The details make great reading. is a some information from the Luckner Society website.)

On we go.

We stop by a building, now a dental technical institute, where negotiations took place for the surrender of Halle.

Mid-day we gather in central Halle to view the church from which leaflets were dropped encouraging residents to wave white flags. We have lunch in Halle and do an extensive walking tour afterwards.

After rest and cleanup at the hotel we are off to yet another VERY special evening on the tour, dinner hosted by the Halle Salt Guild at their museum.

(See the video sampler for 10 May for a supplement to the entire day as well as videos of the great German singers that started our evening at the Halle Salt Guild.

This was a wonderful, memorable day. Thank you Matthias.

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