Timberwolves Europe 2013. Extra day Berlin Part II. 14 May.


(See previous posts for what this tour is about.) (As always, click on photos to enlarge or play movie.)

Halfway through our extra day in Berlin, post guided-tour, we leave the Pergamon Museum (previous post) and stop for lunch.


Next we march down the Unter den Linden (remember those construction cranes, previous post?) for another look at the Brandenburger Gate.  (And a stop at the Starbucks there on the corner.)


Walking past the Gate and left on Ebertstrasse we arrive at the other side of the U.S. Embassy and the somber, impressive Monument to the Murdered Jews in Europe.  Undulating pathways criss-cross the monument stones so people walking ascend and descend.  Though they’re not supposed to, schoolchildren run and play hide and seek.  We’re fortunate not to be collided with.


Under the monument is an exhibition on the Holocaust.  We do not take it in at this time (must do next time) but I’m glad to see so many reminders of man’s inhumanity in Berlin and Germany.  Perhaps some have to do with a 1933 and 1938-2013 remembrance.  ’33 for the ascension of Hitler to chancellor, ’38 for Kristallnacht pogroms against the Jews.  No one is celebrating, but reminders are good.  We have been to many Holocaust museums and memorials on this trip, not to wallow in the misery but to remember our freedom, and treasure it.

Continuing down the strasse toward Potsdamer Platz we pass very modern architecture.


After some searching around the perimeter of Potsdamer Platz we find a proper entrance to the U-bahn U2 line to take us back to Zoologischer Garten and our hotel.

Just to be sure we are still getting enough to eat 14 days into our visit to Europe, we have dinner at the hotel.


Tomorrow is our train ride from Berlin to our Prague Big Adventure!

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